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"Our little terrier (with a small mouth and a few missing teeth) hated dog treats because they were always too big, too hard or not tasty, that is, until we introduced Pet ‘n Shape Chik ‘n Skewers to him. It smells like fried chicken and looks like chicken strips on skewers. He devours it. Finally, we found something that he can chew on that helps to clean his teeth (not too soft, not too hard) and is truly edible!"

— Amazon family member

"If I had to pick just one treat/chew for ALL of our rescue dogs at our sanctuary, the Chik ‘n Dumbbells are it! The dogs LOVE them! The sticks are chopped up, not solid rawhide, and we give out one or two to everyone but they always want another!"

— HopeForMany.org

"My Great Dane LOVES these beef lung treats, both the peanut butter and the bacon flavors. She will do anything for them and never gets tired of them. She likes the crunchiness and flavor, and I like that they do not make your fingers dirty or smelly!"

— David

"I have a 4 month old puppy who is teething. She wants to chew on everything. I got these Long Lasting Chewz hoping that they would do what they claim, “keep your pet busy for hours”. It delivered."

— C. Carter

"Our dog loves these treats. We have placed as many as eight other kinds of treats in front of her and she checks each one, then turns to looks at us and starts to bark to let us know there are no Chik ‘n Sweet Potato treats among them. As soon as we put one in the pile, she picks it out. She will not eat any other treat unless they are Chik ‘n Sweet Potato."

— Dwain

"It’s probably a good bet that a dog is going to like any treat that a human finds appealing. When I pulled one of these Bacon’d Strips out, I had a strong temptation to take a bite. They look and smell exactly like a big delicious jerky strip and the doggie absolutely agreed."


"I have a chocolate lab pit mix and she is a chewer! She’s been on the same Pet ‘n Shape beef bone for almost two months and it hasn’t splintered or anything. Her new favorite thing! Highly recommend!"

— Sarah

"My Pitbull mix loves her beef knuckle bone – she isn’t always a chewer but she’ll sit around with her bone and spend a whole morning chewing on it when it comes and it will be picked up and played with regularly for at least a week after."

— Angela

"My dog goes crazy for these Lamb Strips. I love that they are really soft, as I can tear a little piece off at a time and then even tear them into smaller pieces before giving it to my small (old) dog who has just a few teeth."

— Roxy