Brand Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are informed, trusted, and beloved members of the dog-owning public both online and within their local communities.

Meet some of our Ambassadors below!

Oli The Aussie


Oli is a blue merle Australian Shepherd living in beautiful Oregon. Oli is truly an adventure dog and loves swimming, hiking and fetching sticks. You can find him hanging out with all the humans at the dog park or chilling at home with his squeaky toys.

Dan Glasser

Dog's Mind Trainer

Dan Glasser owns and operates Dog’s Mind Training based in Dallas, Texas. His passion for being close to pups gave him the opportunity to train with notables like Cesar Milan at his Dog Psychology Center. His clients include pets of professional musicians, baseball players, and news anchors.

Ashlee Nino


Ashlee Nino is the proud owner of Barking Dogs Ranch based in Los Angeles, CA. She boards, trains, and engages in regular play and bonding activities with her client's pups and cares for them as if they were her own. Explore the Ranch’s wide range of services online and meet the pups of Barking Dogs on Instagram!



Maya is an Alaskan Klee Kai with a larger than life personality and a lifestyle to match! Maya travels to famed destinations near and far with her human companions. You can follow her along on her adventures on Instagram or via!

Animal Town Sanctuary


Animal Town Sanctuary is a no-kill rescue based out of

Temecula, California dedicated to offering senior huskies and malamutes a nurturing and holistic environment to live out the remainder of their days. Pet ‘n Shape is proud to support the Sanctuary through annual donations and digital collaborations.

Pet ‘n Shape is proud to partner with influencers across the country who delight in sharing stories, videos, and the #shapeofhappiness through social media and in the communities where they reside.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a Pet ‘n Shape Ambassador?

Contact our Ambassador Program Manager and be sure to outline why you think you would make a good fit, and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.