Tips to Keep Your Pup Calm During the Holiday Chaos

December 18 | 2019


The holidays are full of celebration and cheer but the parties, house-guests and travel can be nerve wracking for pups. Help your pooch stay happy and relaxed with these tips.

Celebrating at Home

Keep the Routine
Dogs feel safe when they know what to expect. Make sure your pup is fed and exercised at the same time every day. Too busy? Consider hiring a pet sitter or trusted neighbor to help keep your pup’s routine on track.

If your dog is unsure of newcomers, have the guests toss super yummy treats on the floor as they enter. This will teach your pup that guests are fun because they bring tasty gifts!

Quiet Retreat
 If your pup is nervous or stressed around strangers, then give him a safe place to relax when guests come over. Put him in a room where he is comfortable, turn on the TV and give him a yummy knuckle-bone or long lasting chew. This will keep him entertained while you entertain.

Hitting the Road

Taste of Home
Bring your dog’s food, bowls, medication, medical records (in cases of an emergency vet visit) blanket/bed, toys, treats and favorite chews. This will help your pup feel comfortable in any environment.

Be Safe
Practice obedience commands; especially “Come” twice a day for a week before you leave on a holiday vacation. This will make sure your pup will be responsive in new environments.

Settling In
Once you arrive at your destination, let your pup adjust to his holiday home for at least three hours before you leave him alone or have new people over.