5 Top Tips for Spring Training

April 26 | 2021

 Colleen's Top Five Dog Training Tips

Staying happy and healthy is always more fun when you have a friend to do it with! Including your pup in your wellness routine will keep you both active and engaged throughout the Spring.


Tip #1 Stay and Squat

Ask your pup to do a sit stay or a down stay. Praise your pup when they comply then start the timer. The moment your pup stands up, stop the timer. Now, get into a squat or plank position and try to match your pup’s time!

Tip #2 Crunch and Toss

Grab your pup's favorite toy and lay on the floor. Hold onto the toy and do a crunch or sit-up. When you reach the top of the crunch or sit-up, toss the toy for your pup to fetch. Wait for your pup to return then crunch and toss again. Repeat 10 times!

Tip #3 Pup Push Ups

Ask your dog to sit. Once they do, have them lay down. That is one pup “push up.” Now set your timer and count how many push ups your dog can do in one minute. Can you match that number with human push-ups? Want to mix in some cardio? Run with your dog for two minutes between each exercise.


Tip #4 PLAY!

Every day our dogs show us the importance of joy and play. Making homemade dog toys is fun for the family and your pup! A couple ideas:

  • Place treats in the bottoms of a muffin tin. Put tennis balls or upside down plastic cups on top of the treats. Cheer your pup on while they attempt to remove the balls or cups to enjoy the yummy prizes underneath.
  • Tie a rope or leash to your dog’s favorite toy. Use the leash to toss the toy back and forth or hang onto the leash as you run around the backyard. You and your pup will love playing chase with the toy!

Tip #5 Unplug

Dogs have the amazing ability to be truly present in every moment. Take your pup’s lead. Turn off the TV, shut down the computer, put the cell phone away for at least 10 minutes every day. Spend that time petting and cuddling with your pooch.