Quick Tips Episode 18: Puppy Training Tips

March 23 | 2021

Puppies are fantastic and it's so fun to welcome into the family but there are a few things we can do to help make puppy training a little bit easier.

Tip # 1 is to make sure your puppy whenever he's not in the crate or the playpen is dragging around a leash. I just normally have the puppy in the harness leash attached to the harness and let him/her just drag behind them this is really important because if the puppy starts to nibble on your toes or gets into something they're not allowed to instead of having to grab the puppy you have that six foot leash to help and redirect.

Tip #2, I call it “30 Things in 30 days”. Socialization is so important but sometimes our puppies don't get out as much because of vaccine requirements, so make sure to give your new puppy one new experience a day. Maybe have them eat their meal off of a cookie sheet. Slowly open an umbrella. Turn on the blender. Show them the vacuum. Put on a big hat. Or maybe pull out a holiday decoration. All of these new experiences will help your puppy learn that nothing bad is going to happen in the world and it helps them cope with change.

Tip #3, I call “Touch Time”.  Three times a week until your dog is a year old, make sure to touch their ears their paws. I look at their nails. I look at their eyes. I open their mouth. And when I'm doing that I always make sure to have really yummy treats like this is a beef lung. Dogs love the beef lung so I look at their paws give them a little piece of the beef lung. Look in their ears give them a little piece of the beef lung. This teaches them to be calm when handled, so if they ever have to go to the vet, the vet never has any issues. If you ever have to do ear medication they'll just sit there and happily wag as you put the medication in their ear.