Quick Tips Episode 13: Potty Training Your Pup

April 12 | 2021


New puppies are fun, but potty training can be tough. So here are some tips to help make that easier.

Tip #1: Supervise, supervise, supervise. If you cannot watch your puppy, and that means 100% eyes on, either have them on leash with you in their play pen or in their crate. This will prevent them from sneaking off and having an accident someplace else.

Tip #2:  Keep a potty log. So in general, young puppies should go outside to go potty every hour or after they eat, sleep or play. But your puppy doesn't know that and i find so many pet parents look at their watch take their dog out to go potty and say go potty and the poor puppy's like but I don't have to and so instead keep along if you keep a log of when your dog goes to the bathroom then you'll know what their routine is and that will help things be more successful.

 Tip #3: Limit water. And so it's not get rid of water, it's just instead of filling up the water we'll put a little bit of water in there. If they drink it put a little bit more. But what goes in must come out, so if you find that you filled that water bowl up three times in the last last half an hour, it means you're likely going to need to go out more.

Tip #4: M the food bowl all over the house. Feed them in different areas of the house. Dogs don't like to eat and pee in the same area, so if they eat all over your house, they're less likely to pee all over your house.