Dressing Up Your Pet This Howl-o-ween

October 09 | 2019

 Colleen's Top Five Dog Training Tips

Tip #1 Focus on Fit:

Some canine costumes restrict movement or block a dog’s eyesight. When deciding on a costume, make sure that your pup will be able to stand, lie down and walk-even when dressed up. Costumes with hats, glasses or hoods are adorable but your pup needs to be able to clearly see at all times. Pick a costume that won’t interfere with your dog’s vision.

Tip #2 Safety First:

Not all costumes are doggy safe. Look for buttons, tassels, and other small pieces that are easily swallowed. Never leave your dressed up pup alone. It only takes a few seconds for a dog to get tangled in an outfit and possibly get hurt.

Tip #3 Go Slow:

You might be excited to dress up your dog but you want to make sure the feeling is mutual. Monitor your dog’s comfort level as you put on the costume. If your pup is uneasy, put on part of the costume then give lots of praise and treats. Give your dog time to relax before continuing. Putting the costume on might take awhile but it is worth it!  Creating a positive association to being dressed up ensures your pup will love Halloween for years to come.

Tip #4 Do Dress Rehearsals:

Your pup should wear an outfit at least three times before Halloween. This helps make sure your dog is comfortable in costume before you are distracted by the trick or treaters. 

Tip #5 Honor Your Pup:

Not everyone likes dressing up for Halloween; dogs are the same. If your dog shows anxiety, stress and/or actively avoids putting on a costume, excuse him/her from the costume party. Your pup will thank you!