Quick Tips Episode 11: Road Tripping With Your Dog

April 05 | 2021

Road trips are so fun and it's we always want to take our dog, but there are a few things to consider before you even get on that road trip.

 Tip #1 is make sure you have some way to Confine Your Dog in the Car. There are all sorts of seat belts harnesses, even crates, and this is dual purpose. One you don't want your dog to distract you as you're driving down the freeway and then, two, if you stop and open the door you want to make sure your dog doesn't accidentally fall out or jump out.

Tip #2 is make sure their Tags are Updated. Their tag should have your current cell phone number and the same thing goes for their microchip.  If you're staying in a place for longer than a couple days, I always recommend adding a secondary tag that has that location as well, so if your dog gets lost when you're out of town, at least that person knows that you're close and can help reunite you with your pup.

Tip #3 is to Pack a Bag. You have a bag your dog needs one too, so make sure to bring medical records, even if you have a young puppy. On the off chance you need an emergency vet, you want that vet to have as much information as possible. Pack food and medication, not just for the length of the trip, but for three days longer than that, just in case you fall into any sort of delays. Also bring bottled water, because a lot of dogs are sensitive to different textures and changes in the water, so if you have that water with you then you always make sure they're not dehydrated.