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"You gave me a sample pack of your treats and I'm e-mailing you the results. My eating disordered dog Daphne LOVES them! What a hoot to watch her break one with her teeth and crunching really loud. I'll definitely be buying your product on a regular basis, and I'm glad that I ran into you at the store."

-Jeff, California
"My dog Jasper LOVES your Pet n shape treats!
I gave her the free sample that you so kindly sent to me and she devoured it.
She was jumping up in our kitchen, air born, for those yummy treats.
I may have to take her to the doggy Olympics- she will win a Gold medal with the Pet n Shape treats!!!"

-Annette, California
Pet 'n Shape - Duck 'n Rice Stix:
First Impression: I LOVE the ingredients! 100% natural duck breast fillets and rice. Nothing else! The sticks are very dense and crunchy. Dadís teaching me how to ďsit upĒ so only my hind feet are on the ground. Let me tell you. This was a great motivator! I was sitting up like a human in a matter of minutes.

Conclusion: 2 ingredients need I say more? They taste great, they are healthy, and of course they are 100% natural. Do not hesitate to try these treats.

-Tanker, California
"Otis' refined palate has decided that he loves the duck even more than the chicken, Anyway, thank you for making such yummy treats and for making them equally as healthy. You guys rock!"

-Kerry, California
"I just want to let you know that I ONLY give my puppy Pet 'n Shapeís brand treats. There are so many kinds of treats out there with unhealthy ingredients, and I think that is scary. I already have almost all kinds of your products. Your products are great! I am very satisfied!!!"

-Fransisca, Texas
Pet 'n Shape - Chik 'n Breast:
First Impression:These are great! Think chicken jerky for manís best friend! Dad and I both think they smell great. Also Dad is impressed that they look like white meat. Personally I donít mind dark meat, but Dad says the white stuff is healthier. Not sure how you can improve on 100% chicken breast!

Conclusion:Tastes great, healthy, pure meat! What more can a growing pup ask for?

-Tanker, California
"I am always on the lookout for new treats for my German Shepherds, Fluffy and Greta -- both are rescues and were severly abused especially Greta - she is also VERY FINICKY when it comes to treats. Well, I found the Chik 'n Rice Dumbbells and Chik 'n Rice Balls and decided to try them -- as well as the Duck 'n Rice Dumbells and Duck 'n Rice Balls --- Well, let me tell you what a hit they are in my house! Thank you for making such a great treat line for dogs."

-Minda, North Carolina
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"My dog, Molly, has had a sensitive stomach and our vet told us to only give her treats with NO JUNK. Your Pet 'n Shape treats are the only treat we have found. She is a toy poodle and the Chick 'n Rice Balls are the perfect shape and size for her. Thank you so much and keep the junk free products coming!"

-Eloise, New York
"Great tasting, all 3 dogs love em, and easy for the older dog to eat too."

-Kula, Hawaii
"My dog has such a sensitive stomach that I have never found a treat that doesn't upset his stomach . . . that is . . . until I discovered your Duck 'n Rice line. Now I have so many options for rewarding him for his cuteness without upsetting Rex's tummy!"

-Leslie, California
"My partner and I bought some of your products. We knew our dogs would love them - and, of course, they did! We were surprised, however, by how much our cats loved them too! Thank you for giving us a treat that all of our pets can enjoy together!"

-Jill, California
"Our 2 dogs Kooshy and Minnie go crazy over this stuff! They jump up and down as soon as they see the bag - we have tried various flavors and they seem to love them all :)"

-Iris, California
"The Pet 'n Shape Chik 'n Chips are a great treat for my miniature dachshunds. They just love the taste. The chips have been helpful in keeping their mouths busy as they teethed. "

-J. Hawkins, Pennsylvania
"My little Pome loves these treats...she goes absolutely crazy for them. I especially like them since they are guilt free because theyre all natural. Definitely suggest Pet n Shape -- she also loves all of the varieties."

-Cindy, Colorado
"My dog is extremely fussy but she LOVES these. I do keep them refrigerated."

-Ann, Pennsylvania
"I have two Westies who absolutely love these treats and I can feel good about giving them a healthy treat that they dont gobble down in a couple of seconds."

-Teresa, California
"This is the treat we give our two Great Danes to kennel up. They love them!!! They are a great balance of carbs and protein."

-S. Rediel, Kansas
"These are the only treats besides Greenies that my three Yorkie all agree on. They are great!"

-Mary, Maryland
"My finicky dogs never refuse these treats!"

-Jane, California
"My german shepherd loves these. These have become her favorite treat."

-Anna, California
"I first tried these treats for my picky dog and he loved them. They are really great. He loves them and cant get enough. There a lot of them in the container too! "

-Jill, Ohio
"My dachshund just loves these treats! I also like how they are all natural and dont have any artificial coloring or sugar added. Great treats!"

-Bridget, California
"My dog has developed a very sensitive stomach. It must be the natural surrounding of the streets of New York. He cannot handle any other treats we have tried. But the Duck n Rice treats from the Pet n Shape company have been a godsend. Its the only thing that agrees with his stomach and he adores it. Just goes crazy for this stuff! 5 stars for this company and its products."

-Noah, New York
"I got several of Pet n Shape treats and my dog loves them! He actually tried to tear into the bag before I even opened it. Now, every time he hears me pick up the bag he runs downstairs and goes nuts. Definitely recommend these treats."

-Cindy, New York
"Our dog loves the Chik 'n Dumbbells."

-Jan, Florida
"My bichon, Coco, LOVES this stuff. In our house, we call it doggie crack! She will do anything for Pet n Shape. And I am so happy because it is healthy for her. This is the only treat we buy and all of our friends are hooked too!"

-Danielle, California
"My dogs will do anything for this treat. I hope continues to carry them! I dont know what Bubba Shultz, Lil Bit, Cassie & Otto would do without them in the morning. They just sit and wait for them to come out of the cupboard! "

-Sharon, California
"I ordered the 4 oz. bag to start because my two yorkies are very finicky. i.e. They will turn up their nose at chicken if it is not cooked to their standards They both LOVED it and sat in their treat spot stubbornly until I gave them each a second one. Im now ordering 4 - 8 oz. bags."

-Mary, Ohio
"These treats are great. Our dog gets excited everytime he sees us reaching for them. The container is also a welcome change to resealable bags. Its much cleaner and portable. Love this product!"

-Heather, California
"These treats are the only ones my 14 year old dog will eat. She loves them."

-Molly, Inidana
"Great tasting, all 3 dogs love em, and easy for the older dog to eat too."

-Kula, Hawaiia
"My Shih Tzu, who is such a finicky eater, would eat these instead of a meal if I let her. I gave it five stars from her as I have never tasted them and have no intention of doing so (although if you read the ingredients they are fit for human consumption)."

-Frances, New York
"My precious Shih Tzu loves these treats. I like them b/c it keeps him occupied for a little while b/c he has to chew the chicken off the skewers. He comes running when he hears me open the bag."

-Mitsu, Florida